Self-Defense and Forms

We practice Shaolin Kenpo Karate.

We specialize in traditional Shaolin Kenpo forms. Shaolin Kenpo is a Hawaiian martial art formed of a blend of Chinese and Japanese martial art theory. Our classes will teach you artful forms and practical self-defense.


Our students are equipped for competitive sport karate.

Ready to learn how to punch and kick in the ring? Campos Karate's sparring curriculum incorporates cardio conditioning and best practices for the fighting ring. 

Work Ethic

Be the best you can be. No excuses.

We push all students to be the best they can be. Each class, all students are encouraged to be even better than they were at the last class. Be it running faster or punching stronger, each student is encouraged to reach their individual goals.


Join our karate family.

Campos Karate is family-run. We pride in how dedicated our families are to achieving the best possible education for their students and overall supporting the school. Join our family today!


Join us at our convenient Vacaville location. We are on the second floor.